Arsenale 2012 Awards


The Arsenale 2012 awards – held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal – marks the end of the first major international contemporary art biennale in Eastern Europe. In addition to the Biennale’s identity we were honoured to be asked to design and produce a unique set of awards and certificates to be presented to selected artists.

This extremely ambitious Biennale brought together over 220 art works, by over 100 international and Ukrainian contemporary artists, including 40 new works made especially for the exhibition by internationally renowned artists including Yayoi Kusama, Phyllida Barlow and Boris Mikhailov and major art works by artists including Ai Weiwei, Louise Bourgeois, Song Dong, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Ilya & Emilia Kabakov. Work featured in the Biennale has been installed over the 24,000 square metres of the Arsenal’s magnificent exhibition space.

We wanted the award to be the physical manifestation of the graphic identity of the festival, a celebration of the power and diversity of art. A three dimensional inversion of Malevich’s Black Square the object subtly echoes the form of the Mystetskyi Arsenal’s logo – itself inspired by the unique Arsenal building – and acts as a multi faceted canvas upon which to honour the spirit and beauty of the Arsenale 2012.

Each cube is illustrated with a different set of symbols relating to the four themes of the exhibition—

The Restless Spirit — Myth + Belief = Universe
In the Name of Order — Rationalism + Power = Unenlightened Self Interest
Flesh — Life + Blood = Desire
The Unquiet Dream — Nightmare + Catastrophe = Premonition of Change

The awards are fabricated out of solid Corian, an acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH), these were then laser engraved on all six sides by Cut Laser Cut.


Phyllida Barlow — Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Contemporary Art
Andriy Sagaidakovskyi — Most Significant Discovery Award
Yayoi Kusama — Audience Choice Award

The base of each cube is engraved with a unique iteration of the Mystetskyi Arsenal’s symbol.