Art and Imagination


As part of our continuing relationship with esteemed publisher Thames & Hudson, Barnbrook are pleased to announce the relaunch off the Art and Imagination series.

Containing a wealth of fascinating and rarely seen material, the series illuminates ancient art, philosophy, metaphysics and sacred traditions. Barnbrook have designed the first four books in the series: Atlantis, Tantra, The Temple and Sacred Tibet.

The handily sized paperbacks have been given a colourful and contemporary transformation, presenting the fascinating subject matter in striking yet accessible form. The covers feature colourful, graphic patterns and a window on to the visual material contained within. The title is set in the middle of a short explanatory sentence – emphasising certain key words and briefly communicating the spirit and ideology of the book.

Inside, making full use of the extraordinary visual imagery, large full colour illustrations are interspersed amongst the copy. Text is set against tinted background colours derived from the images of artwork in lively and varied page compositions.

The Themes section summarises and develops key topics and is illustrated with rare and significant artefacts.