Design Museum: Unexpected Pleasures


Unexpected Pleasures: the Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery opened on Wednesday night with a private view and we were in attendance to see our exhibition graphics revealed. Curated by guest curator Dr. Susan Cohn, the exhibition features almost two hundred unique pieces of contemporary jewellery — a movement which sits at the intersection between art, design, fashion and craft. The show includes everything from the delicately beautiful to physically imposing, and reveals the depth of thought and creativity in this wonderfully diverse and challenging movement.

The space — beautifully designed by Louise Martin and Ab Rogers of Ab Rogers Design — allows visitors to pass through the exhibition in a non-linear manner, flowing from one cabinet to the next. To provide orientation for visitors we colour coded each section. The colours are found on captions and laser-cut powder-coated hanging signs.

There are no freestanding graphics — everything is attached to a case, a wall, or hung from the ceiling — to provide a clutter free viewing space. The two Linking Links sections, Creative Systems and Social Expressions, feature circular cluster cases which include up to six pieces. Since the cabinets are circular and there is no start or end point to the cluster, it seemed illogical to label the pieces one to six or a to f. Instead we settled upon a series of icons, each clearly distinguishable from the next. It is these icons that flow around the title graphic at the entrance to the exhibition.

The identity, which includes a bespoke headline typeface, vivid colour palate, pattern typeface and icons, was formulated over the course of the last two years whilst working on the book and inaugural show at the NGV, Australia. The book, published by Rizzoli, documents the themes and ideas behind the exhibition as well as providing critical perspectives on the jewellery movement.

In addition to the identity, exhibition graphics and book, we also created the publicity material for the show. Working with the Design Museum corporate style but with the introduction of our exhibition identity, a poster, invite and animated e-footer were created.

The shots in this post are those that were hastily taken at the private view but when the show has been professionally photographed we will showcase more images here.