‘From style wilderness to height of cool, taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback.’
–Alexis Turner

We have designed Taxidermy, a new book for Thames & Hudson documenting the (re)surging popularity of stuffed animals. The book explores this rich artform through stunning photography and insightful explanations by Alexis Turner. Each chapter investigates one aspect of taxidermy, ranging from the historical to contemporary, beautiful to the bizarre.

Taxidermy reached a height of popularity during the Victorian era and the aesthetic of this period informed the design of the book. The quarter-bound cover features an extraordinary photograph of Daniel Firman’s Würsa, framed by an ornate gold border. The title of the book is set vertically in VirusFonts’ Infidel and gold-embossed into the quarter-binding. The back cover summary is also gold-embossed into the quarter-binding.

Inside the book, the rich visual material is showcased by intriguing juxtapositions and many full-bleed photographs. The imagery is complemented by ornate page borders, elaborate chapter openers and Victorian-era-inspired typography.