New Work: V&A British Design Publicity


We have recently completed work on the publicity for the V&A’s new exhibition, British Design 1948–2012: Innovation in the Modern Age. Celebrating the best of British post-war art and design from the 1948 ‘Austerity Games’ to the present day, the exhibition features over 300 objects which highlight significant moments in the history of British design.

The challenge for the publicity design was this: how can we distil 64 years – and over 300 objects – of British Design into one coherent piece of visual communication? We drew inspiration from one graphic technique that is prevalent throughout the period 1948–2012: collage. Collage allowed us to assemble a diverse array of visual forms into a vibrant and dynamic new image. This approach is quintessentially British – playful, explosive and celebratory. The aim was to create an image that could communicate the key messages of the exhibition (British, Style, Vibrant, Iconic and World Class) without any supporting text. British Design explodes in a burst of colour and form with the V&A at it’s heart.

Shown in this blog post are images taken by Generation Press of some of the many items we designed. Many thanks to GP who did a great job on the printing. We also designed the mammoth 350 page catalogue which is available from the V&A shop and will be featured here at a later date.