The Rolling Stones 50


You may have already seen it in bookshops, so it is our long overdue pleasure to announce our involvement in this very special project: the official Rolling Stones 50th anniversary book.

The Rolling Stones 50 is the only officially authorised book to celebrate the momentous occasion of 50 years since the Rolling Stones went on stage at the Marquee Club on Thursday 12 July 1962. The book is narrated by the band and includes a wealth of unseen and rare material including reportage photography, contact sheets, negative strips, outtakes and memorabilia from every period in the band’s history.

Working closely with the editors at Thames and Hudson we waded through hundreds of images, picking the very best to illustrate key moments in the career of this famous band. The band were involved in approving the image selection throughout the process and seem very happy with the result, as you can see on this video of Charlie and Ronnie on the Thames & Hudson blog.

As part of the celebrations marking fifty years of the Rolling Stones Somerset House hosted an exhibition of iconic photographs of the band throughout the years, many of which are included in the book. Unfortunately this exhibition has now passed but you can see a behind-the-scenes look during the set-up stage on the Thames & Hudson blog.

Please note: we designed only the interior pages of the book and not the cover [which was designed by Studio Fury].